Who We Are 

A little about us...

Abby (Co-Founder) is an avid reader and romance book blogger. Her passion is introducing readers to new authors she discovers. "Abby" is a pen name she blogs under, so don't be confused if you know her as a different name! ;)

Brandon (Co-Founder) is a successful entrepreneur who has years of experience in business, marketing, and product auto-renewal. He is the one working behind the scenes to make sure our systems are running smoothly.

Abby & Brandon have been friends for more than 20 years. Their goal is to provide every subscriber with a box they love each month.


Karen (Office/Warehouse Coordinator) is an integral member of our team. She makes sure everything runs smoothly in our day-to-day operations. 

Michelle (Production & Swag Coordinator) handles the swag bag packaging and is in charge of coordinating the box packing days each month. She is also the leader in quality control. 

Christina (Social Media & Customer Service) is responsible for the majority of our social media communication and is often the one answering your customer service emails. You can see her work on our Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts.

Susan (Customer Service) is another fantastic member of our Help Team, always ready to answer your emails.